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Yay! You’re reading the services page which means you understand and appreciate how valuable a planner can be to your wedding planning experience. Victoria Canada Weddings & Events is a boutique event planning firm which means we believe in quality over quantity; we choose to coordinate a select number of events each season in order to give you the time and attention you deserve. The events we plan are labor and time intensive so we carefully consider the scope of each event we plan, ensuring that your event will be like no other!

All of our collections include:
A (really, really, really awesome) timeline. Our timelines are legendary. And they should be- a timeline is the foundation of your wedding day and we are experts at creating them.

We confirm all vendors prior to your wedding. This helps all of us sleep better at night (yes, we actually have dreams about your event!).

A meticulously trained planning team. Our performance standards are very high and I would never coordinate the events I coordinate at the level of quality that I expect without a professional and experienced team by my side. I would trust these ladies with my own wedding.


Initially, our Full Service collection might seem like more than you need. However, if you have your own demanding career, are planning your event from out of town, or just really need help bringing your vision to reality, this is the option for you. We negotiate contracts, design an event specifically for you, and basically act as your wedding project manager. Just imagine us wearing killer high heels instead of hard hats! Of course, there is more to the Full Service Collection and if you are interested in knowing more, we will happily send you some information. You’ll get the best value from this package if you hire us as soon as you start planning your wedding but we do book this collection at any point in the planning process.


Our Mid- Level Collection is still very involved but embraces a team approach. You’ll be more hands-on and have more items to complete but we are still very invested in the details and outcome of your wedding. Think of this package as hiring knowledgeable partners in planning- we guide you, advise you, and brainstorm with you but you will be responsible for more of the legwork than our Full Service clients are. This is a great option for couples who have the time and desire to be hands-on but still want an expert eye and expert experience. We book this option 10 months in advance of your wedding.


The More Than Day of Collection is much more limited than our other packages while still maintaining the high level of service and creativity we are known for. This option includes (2) 2 hour meetings prior to your wedding plus our fabulous team on-site on the day of your wedding. We usually book this option 60-90 days out.

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