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Easy Teacher Appreciation Gifts

With these easy teacher appreciation gifts you are sure to more than just an “A” for effort!

Clever and Cute FREE PRINTABLES from Page and Mason Studios and this assignment just became so much easier!  See the links below for some fun short cuts!

It is almost the end of the year for so many schools.  Teachers have worked so hard and we have some great ideas to show your teachers, coaches and others in your child’s life your appreciation.



For the teacher who loves their Starbucks.  Let them know you love them a “latte”!

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STAR TEACHER FREE PRINTABLE Easy Teacher Appreciation Gifts_starbucks_pageandmason


This is a great idea for anyone that has helped your child “Stay on Target”.

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KEEPING ME ON TARGET FREE PRINTABLE Easy Teacher Appreciation Gifts_Pageandmason_target

“I Would Not Trade You For Anything” – What a perfect gift for anyone who needs to stock up for the summer ahead.

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I WOULD NOT TRADE YOU FREE PRINTABLE Easy Teacher Appreciation Gifts_traderjoes_Pageandmason

This cute little tag can go on any plant!   We love succulents, low maintenance and pretty!

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THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME GROW FREE PRINTABLE Easy Teacher Appreciation Gifts_succulent_pageandmason

This is perfect for a movie night in!  Candy and an iTunes Gift Card!

APPLE FOR TEACHER FREE PRINTABLE Easy Teacher Appreciation Gifts_Apple_Pageandmason


“School’s Our For Summer, Now it is Time to Wine Down”…. yes, we agree!

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These are all fabulous and fun ideas.  The cherry on top is a wonderful note from your child to someone that they know did help them throughout the year.

Print off this adorable and easy Thank You Note for your child’s teacher!


Annie and Brady – A Picturesque Wedding at The Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood

Annie and Brady spent July 19, 2014 celebrating their intimate wedding with their close friends and family. The bride and groom now live in Oregon and wanted their special day to highlight the beauty within the state.  Timberline Lodge itself is situated on the slope of Mount Hood surrounded by lush forest with a stunning view of the Cascade Mountain Range, and radiates a rustic elegance that fit the style of this wedding flawlessly.


Yes, you are seeing correctly. Beautiful JULY wedding with Mount Hood in the backdrop with snow… snow.  The stunning asymmetrical birch arch was chosen by the Bride.  We loved the lush floral and the more organic shape. Elegant and outdoorsy – perfect for a natural ceremony showcasing the beauty of this historic location to guests.


Hydrangea, Cafe Dahlias, Roses and Eucalyptus with Bay made up this beautiful classic look from Blum Floral Design.


The floral tucked along the aisle consisted of fern and petite arrangements, with a wide aisle that had a thick layer of white role petals going down the center. Keeping the decor simple and light gave a perfect display and kept the focus on the natural beauty of the location. All of these elements went hand-in-hand in creating a wedding that fit the effortless beauty of our favorite Portland couple!


Aly, Annie’s best friend from childhood, was unable to make it to the wedding. Annie not able to imagine her not seeing the wedding brought in technology to allow her to FaceTime in.  The Savvy Tech Solution would play a bigger part later in the reception.


Mulder, Annie and Brady’s baby, was even involved in the festivities with a special matching green collar and leash. Annie could not imagine the day without Mulder!

Parents Collage

We have had the pleasure of working with Brady’s Mom before…. Beth always gets a gold star for her organizational skills.


We love the color tones that Annie and Brady used!


2 Pic Seat Cards Collage

Annie is an equestrian so you can see the horseshoe – turned up for good luck!  We love to layer in details that reflect the couple and their interests to make the day really “them”.


Linen from Wildflower Linen complimented the Rustic Lodge where the Reception was held.


Aly, Matron of Honor, was unable to travel.  The best surprise was that she recorded a toast and worked with Victoria and the DJ to have it played at the wedding reception.  It was such a special moment and a great toast- smart, sarcastic and sweet.


Wood Menus showed not only the menu, but a run of show for the guests.


The plated dinner still makes my mouth water. Starting with a salad of fig-stuffed briar rose chèvre crusted in pistachio, pickled walla walls, wild arugula and lemon oil. Followed by surf-and-turf style entrees including hazelnut crusted halibut and citrus, and cascade natural beef tenderloin with mushroom glace, and sides of white cheddar-horseradish potato mash, baby carrots and grilled asparagus. Hungry yet?!  We loved that Timberline really utilizes local first food and artisans to create these memorable dishes.


Tables were named after areas in Oregon that meant something to the couple. For example, one of the tables was named Multnomah Falls, which is where they were engaged.


The reception area within the Timberline Lodge gave the guests a warm and welcomed feel. Tables were placed around the massive fireplace.  The reception was brimming with small details from decor to the place cards that gave all involved a sensation of the personal touches that were taken while putting together this wedding!


Guests enjoyed an Oregon oriented open bar consisting of multiple options including a premium northwest selection of beer and wines. Not to mention, a special argyle sparkling wine toast.  If you have been wine tasting in Oregon- you know they have some world renowned wineries.  Argyle is one!  If you are a Pinot Noir Fan- you know Oregon is a little bit of heaven.  The craft beers and local wines meant the night was a lively one!


A note that Annie and Brady are not overly showy.  Their first dance lasted a hot minute and that was just fine with the Bride.  We believe you should do what feels right to you!




Above:  The Bride is an avid reader so we could not resist some of these decor details.


One of my favorite moments was when Annie and Brady called me over to their table.  They let me know the wedding was everything that they imagined.  It makes me so happy when clients know we understand what they want and then we deliver it!

Pie Bookshelf Collage

Dessert was a station (as shown above) where guests could pick up their own heart-shaped pie made from local baker, Kelly’s Mini Pies and Mini Cheesecakes. The pies were baked with seasonal fruits – pie was their choice over cake and the guests loved them.  We utilized the bookcase that is at Timeberline Lodge.  This was an easy way to customize the decor and use something that was on the property.  


Good Photo Booth props – priceless.

A&B Collage

The goal of showcasing Oregon through small details worked perfectly by using local food, craft beer and wine companies. We all know that Oregon is known for its Pinot Noir so including it in the celebration was not even a question! Another delicious example came when the bride and groom used three specifically picked VooDoo Doughnuts for a ‘Breakfast at Midnight’ favor. Kelly, Victoria’s pacific northwest assistant :), helped out tremendously when her hubby drove them down the night of the wedding so each doughnut would be the freshest it could be! Two of the three flavored doughnuts were delicately placed in goody boxes, that were then situated on the guests’ hotel room beds allowing them to be easily transported and munched on at their leisure. “Breakfast at Midnight” with Cereal Topped Doughnuts?  YES please!

Thanks for the cute tags and paper products Celebrations In Paper!


Yes, Mt. Hood is a massive presence in the Pacific Northwest.  The Timberline Lodge is truly a historical representation of artisans and how they shaped a nation.  This popular ski lodge and mountain retreat was built entirely by hand in 1938, during the Great Depression. It was ordered through the Works Progress Administration, by President Franklin Roosevelt, as a way to fuel the economy and encourage growth during a time of intense economic problems. The lodge’s construction employed millions of jobless citizens and used resources and materials that were all locally made. In 1977 it was announced a National Historic Landmark and declared the finest example of WPA mountain architecture by the US Department of Interior. Many of the features that were created during the 30’s when it was built, are present and event utilized in the historical landmark today! (Come on, you know you feel smarter now!)


Not down with the artisan hoop la?  Perhaps it might feel familiar is this gorgeous location is known for its role in opening scene of the Shining, the 1980 movie based on Stephen King’s book, used aerial shots and exterior footage of the Timberline Lodge itself to give structure to the fictional Overlook Hotel. **Victoria was just excited it was the outside that was filmed, not the inside! (REDRUM)

This decades old landmark is a tribute to the rugged spirit that the Pacific Northwest embodies, something Annie and Brady wanted to share with their family ad friends!

“Luxury Lodge” is how Vic described the rooms.  Pendleton Blankets on the beds, fireplaces in many rooms?  Yes, Luxury Lodge is the way to stay!

*Photo of room below: taken from Timberline Lodge website*rooms01

This wedding venue is one in a million! Mount Hood is not only Oregon’s highest peak and one of the most prominent of the Cascades volcanoes, but it is considered one of the seven wonders of Oregon- with this shot from Sara Vandepas it is breathtaking.



Location/Catering: Timberline Lodge at Mount Hood :: Disc Jockey: Event Team Entertainment :: Florist: Blum Floral Design :: Hair and Make-up Artist: Aimee J’Adore :: Invitations/Paper Products: Celebrations in Paper :: Linens: Wildflower Linens :: Photography: Sara Vandepas Photography :: Rentals: Peter Corvallis Productions :: Videographer: Moving Pictures Weddings :: Event Designer and Coordinator: Victoria Canada Weddings and Events :: Childcare: Creative Childcare Solutions :: PhotoBooth: Photogenica

Starry Night Wedding in Phoenix Bride and Groom!



We often have these couples whose wedding day we are so looking forward to, but at the same time, makes us a little sad because we will not be working with this couple anymore. Sure, we can catch up with them from time to time but it is not the same as meeting with     the bride to discuss her flowers or talking to the couple at their tasting. Michelle and James were one of those couples. Their whole family was so sweet and they were so fun to work with. Their wedding turned out amazing and we loved going through the beautiful shots Katrina Wallace took!

Well, now we get to celebrate Michelle and James again (happy day!) because their wedding was published in the new Phoenix Bride and Groom Magazine! We wanted to share just a few of our favorite photos from their wedding day, because we just could not resist!






Michelle and James were inspired by one of the “Starry Night” paintings when planning their wedding so we used blues and yellows throughout the decor. Wildflower Linen provided the beautiful blue linens for the tables and the floral arrangements were created by Petal Pusher. We hung lights behind the band to create an atmosphere similar to the painting. It turned out magically and we were so happy Katrina Wallace was able to get a photo of the Bride and Groom first seeing their reception!




Ceremony Venue: Brophy Chapel :: Reception Venue: Royal Palms :: Photographer: Katrina Wallace Photographers :: Videographer: Simply Cinema :: Florist: Petal Pusher :: Linen: Wildflower Linens :: Rentals: Classic Party Rentals :: Ceremony Music: String Serenade ::Band: The JJ’s Band :: Hair and Makeup: Glam Lounge ::

Phoenix Bride & Groom Cover!

I recently had the pleasure of creating and styling the cover of Phoenix Bride & Groom magazine and since the new issue is now in the hands of brides all over the Valley, I can share the beautiful results with you! Phoenix Bride and Groom_Summer Fall 2014_Cover I ALWAYS sketch ideas for my clients. It’s just how I roll and it has served me well over the years: I usually have some sort of idea based on conversations with my clients and brainstorms that come to me  in the middle of the night (yes, I dream about weddings- it’s a good and bad thing). The best way for me to describe my vision to others is to sketch it so I jot down my creation on paper or whatever is nearby, and voila! Not only does this make for custom and original wedding design, which I pride myself on immensly, apparently it works for magazine covers too!  Here are some behind the scenes pics: Phoenix Bride and Groom_Summer Fall 2014_Cover One of my favorite elements from the shoot was the oversized paper flowers I found from Flower Voyage Boutique and the stems that were custom made for us by Butterfly Petals– when designing, I love to play with scale and their gigantic size reminded me a bit of Alice in Wonderland; the stems were flexible yet strong which makes them a versatile design piece. Phoenix Bride and Groom_Summer Fall 2014_Cover Of course, gorgeous things are rarely the result of one person’s hard work and this cover was no exception. Many many thanks to the following Friendors who came together to make something pretty for all the world to see: Photographer: Jennifer Bowen, Jennifer Bowen Photography :: Floral Design: Butterfly Petals :: Paper Flowers: Flower Voyage Boutique :: Gown: Schaffer’s :: Makeup Artist and Hair Styling: Sabrina Miller-Castillo, owner, Babydoll Weddings :: Location: JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa :: Model: Jessica of The Agency Arizona ::  Stylist: Victoria Canada, Victoria Canada Weddings & Events (Find Phoenix Bride & Groom online here and on Facebook here)

Entertaining: A Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!

Right around this time of the year, I am jonesin’ hard for a party. Cinco de Mayo, the Mexican festival celebrating the Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla (not Mexico’s independence, as many people assume), provides the perfect way to let loose, forget that I haven’t had a weekend off in 3 months, and indulge in some traditions that remind me of my childhood.

This is a day for celebration, marichis, and yes, calorie overload. It’s also bright and cheerful so when I designed this fun styled shoot, I chose vibrant hues and yummy treats.

Victoria Canada Weddings and Events_Arizona Wedding Planner_Cinco de Mayo ideas_party planning_Jennifer Bowen Photography (7)

What’s that saying? “Beer before liquor never sicker, liquor then beer…”? Oh well, with a Beerita, you won’t have to give it another thought. Someone needs to come up with a catchy phrase for “just drink it all at once and you won’t know what hit you and you won’t care”!

Victoria Canada Weddings and Events_Arizona Wedding Planner_Cinco de Mayo ideas_party planning_Jennifer Bowen Photography (8)

Victoria Canada Weddings and Events_Arizona Wedding Planner_Cinco de Mayo ideas_party planning_Jennifer Bowen Photography (4)

Salpicon is a mixture of chopped flank steak, onion, oregano, chiles, tomatoes, and vinegar. I. love. it.

Victoria Canada Weddings and Events_Arizona Wedding Planner_Cinco de Mayo ideas_party planning_Jennifer Bowen Photography (1)

I don’t want to lose MY beverage and I’m sure you don’t want to lose yours…mark the glasses with Milagros- religious charms that are thought to bring safety & good health.

Victoria Canada Weddings and Events_Arizona Wedding Planner_Cinco de Mayo ideas_party planning_Jennifer Bowen Photography (3)

A clever avocado bar breaks tradition in the most delicious way!  It is also gluten free! BONUS!

Victoria Canada Weddings and Events_Arizona Wedding Planner_Cinco de Mayo ideas_party planning_Jennifer Bowen Photography (6)

One of my very favorite childhood beverages is Horchata, cinnamon rice milk, and when served in fun mason jars, kids are sure to go crazy for them! Mark my words: Horchata is a foodie trend on the rise- I’ve had Horchata coffee in Napa and Horchata ice cream in Oregon, and I see many chefs tweaking their dessert recipes to include the iconic flavors.

Victoria Canada Weddings and Events_Arizona Wedding Planner_Cinco de Mayo ideas_party planning_Jennifer Bowen Photography (2)

Sweets for the super sweet- Pan Dulce is traditional Mexican sweet bread (actually it was brought to Mexico from Spain but whatever!) and I don’t think any Cinco de Mayo celebration is complete without them.

Victoria Canada Weddings and Events_Arizona Wedding Planner_Cinco de Mayo ideas_party planning_Jennifer Bowen Photography (5)

Fun tissue paper flowers and Papel Picado (meaning perforated paper) banners add to the colorful decor; ribbon wrapped cans are an easy DIY project and don’t forget to choose vibrant linens to provide the perfect final touch.

Victoria Canada Weddings and Events_Arizona Wedding Planner_Cinco de Mayo ideas_party planning_Jennifer Bowen Photography (9)

This fun fiesta shoot was featured on the Hostess with the Mostess blog- see more images and get the recipes for the Beerita, Horchata and Salpicon right here!


Photography: Jennifer Bowen Photography :: Location: Desert Botanical Garden :: Paper Products: Amy Wallace of Page and Mason Invitations :: Linen: Wildflower Linens :: Event Design and Props: Victoria Canada Weddings and Events

Peek inside to see some of our featured work. Regale in some funny stories and be prepared to be inspired!


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