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Oh Sunny Day!  This was the amazing photo shoot for Phoenix Bride and Groom Magazine– Like it?

Fresh and New- ready for a new year in 2011.

Check out the list of all involved at the bottom of the post to create your own Spring style.

The shoot was shot at The Arizona Biltmore Resort.  Lush grounds, Amazing Historic Details- a dream for a shoot in my mind.  Enter the cast and crew of the floral, make-up and styling team and voila…. Magic!

The shot below was one of my faves- it did not fit right for the cover but none the less- Our girl is a stunner.


*Don’t be afraid of color.

This color scheme of course had more color than many will dare but it looks vibrant and fresh


Do it yourself items can be done early.  Many of the items in this shoot are surely the answer to many a gal pals offer to help you out with your wedding.  A bottle of wine, a fun movie and you have a wedding craft night in the works.

* Design

When you are working with patterns for paper products think ahead to how the pattern will look when it is cut.  A 12×12 sheet of scrapbook paper can be a bit loud with a bold pattern.  Magic happens when you cut or fold it down as seen in the cones and other items.


Our wonderful floral team at Your Event Florist created an amazing table.  However, the container we used was oversized and a beautiful patina bronze.  I asked them if they would mind us using it for the table and pretty please could we paint it?  A resounding “yes!” was the answer to create a new look.  In terms of your table, don’t think that what you see is only what you can get. The container was mainly used for wedding ceremony’s but was utterly fabulous in the oversized gold room at The Arizona Biltmore.

The room service bikes at The Biltmore were just screaming to be photographed.

Click Below to See the Video from the Shoot from the ever Fabulous Serendipity Videography!

Phoenix Bride and Groom Magazine

A Ring Bearer does not have to be in a suit.  Look how darling our little guy is in a crisp green.  Of course, every girl loves a beautiful dress.  Our flower girl goes for color vs. a traditional white dress.  Fun and Whimsical!

A Huge and Heartfelt Thank you for the team of vendors that were involved in the shoot!

Your talents always shine!

Conceptualized and Styled by:
Victoria Canada, Victoria Canada Weddings & Events

Marnee Marriott, Marriott Photography

Arizona Biltmore

Floral Design:
Your Event Florist

Special Events Linens

Paper Products:
The Event Essentials

Classic Party Rentals

Makeup Artist:
Corinna Cooke

Hair Styling:
The Grateful Head, Amber Tilinghast

Serendipity Videography

Destiny’s Bridal

Morgan with Ford Modeling Agency

Making It Stick

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Not that we all don’t wake up looking fabulous-right ladies??  But sometimes…just sometimes…we need a little assistance in looking perfect.  Here comes in one of my right hand women, Linda Wagner who is an amazing makeup maven based out of Phoenix.  Crying, dancing, eating and kissing sounds like a make-up malfunction waiting to happen but with a few tips from the pros you can make it seem like you were Photoshopped in person!  Remember to slip your lip gloss in your groom’s pocket so that you are never far from it!

Phoenix Area Makeup Artist Linda Wagner

5 Fave Products for Summer
Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner- it’s a longwear gel eyeliner and you need very little in order to make an impact on the eye.  It can give the precision of a liquid liner but the ability and ease of a gel- it glides much better.  Applying with the brush can give you more precision and then if you wanted to, you could smudge it, smoke it, and it works really well. It comes in all kinds of different colors and you even have some shimmer colors as well.  Shimmer adds a little bit of illumination and color- there’s a Chocolate Shimmer that I love.  It is cry proof and sweat proof- perfect for summer! It is probably my # 1 of the eyeliners that are out there. This one has never failed me!
A lot of brides in the summer don’t like to wear foundation because it can feel too heavy. If your skin does not need foundation then don’t use foundation! You can use concealers to brighten up that area under your eye that makes you look tired. Brighten that up, even it out with powder and you go on your way with the rest of your makeup look.  YSL Touche Éclat is my favorite brightener-  it’s been the leader in the industry for probably twenty years.
If you are going to go with foundation, use Giorgio Armani Light Master Primer underneath the foundation. It gives your skin a beautiful glow.  Anytime you seen anyone on the red carpet and they look all radiant- like Rihanna for example- that’s what’s going on underneath her foundation.  Highlight a little on the temples and a little under the cheek area.
For summer, you’re seeing lots of pops of coral. Coral face tones, really to lift the cheek a little bit. When you think of coral, you immediately think orange which can get scary for girls. But there are coral pinks that are just really so beautiful, like that natural glow that the sun gives you. I like Bobbi Brown’s Cabo Coral Pot Rouge- you can use it on your cheeks or lips and get that sheer touch of summer. Also, mixing your bronzer with just a little bit a coral pink is a really great way to illuminate that skin.
And on that topic, bronzer is key! Not just because it’s summer, but also to give a glow to your skin. I love Benefits Hoola Powder because it’s a matte based bronzer. If I’m already going to have shimmer through the face, personally, I don’t want to go on top of it with another shimmer. Use a big fluffy brush, lightly dust all around your temples, cheek bones, jaw line, a  little down your throat- for just a really nice warm glow. Just remember-
don’t overdo it!
Linda Wagner Contact Information
mobile  (480) 229-9408

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