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Fourth of July Fun!

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We have some fun and more importantly fast entertaining ideas for your Fourth of July Celebration.

Why not get your kids involved in some holiday decoration? The kids are home for summer break and we have just the thing for them.

Painted Lawn Stars

All you need is a star stencil (we made ours out of cardboard) and some washable chalk spray paint. You are sure to be the best decorated house on the block! This is super fun for kids and lets them help be a party of the decorating for the holiday.

Flag Luminaries

Put those mason jars to use by creating some festive luminaries. Your kids can use a small flag or cut outs from magazines to create a nice decoration for inside or outside. You just need mason jars, Modge Podge, paint brush, and a flag or cut outs.

Scavenger Hunt

Download this scavenger hunt (FREE Printable below)  that is sure to keep the kids entertained during your 4th of July celebration. You can even include a prize for the the child who finds all the items first.


4th Of July Scavenger Hunt 


Flag Ring Toss

Stake different sized flags in the grass and get some glow stick necklaces and you have an easy activity that is perfect for all ages.


Festive Food and Beverage

Make Ahead Sweet Treat



Your favorite red and blue fruits

Plastic Push Pops

Directions: Scoop a little yogurt into each push pop, then top with fruit. You can repeat this step as many times as you would like to create a layered look. Then, place the cap on to secure all of your goodies. Finally, place them in the freezer over night.

We love this because you can make this ahead and have it ready to go.

Festive Adult Beverage

Spruce up your adult beverages with some festive additions like adding some red, white and blue. We simply added some strawberries, blueberries, red raspberries, and some apple. You can also use a cookie cutter to make your apple pieces in the shape of a star.


And when it’s time to head off to the firework show, we have a list of everything you need. This is something that you can gather and get ready the day before and have it ready by the door. All you need is your favorite bag, a cozy blanket to sit one, some mini water bottles, glow sticks, bug off (We like to use spearmint oil as a natural alternative – plus it spells yummy), and lastly, some chilled towels to beat the heat.


Happy Fourth Y’all!

Victoria and Brooke



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