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Easy Ideas for Hosting a Holiday Cookie Swap

The Holidays seem to be busier than ever!  We have some Fun and Easy Ideas for Hosting a Holiday Cookie Swap. If you are someone out there that is not familiar with a cookie swap or cookie exchange let us fill you in!  A cookie exchange is just that…. you invite guests over and they bring one type or variety of cookie.  You swap your cookies and you end up with a delectable miscellanious group of sweets!


Imagine baking only one cookie and leaving with a beautiful assortment?  It is a time saver and you only buy the ingredients you need.  These festive images were captured by the ever talented photographer AND Baker Melissa from Melissa Jill Photography.



We like to provide labels for guests cookies.  These can be simple cards or even post it notes!  This will help with the voting process later.  Yes, voting = prizes (and bragging rights for next year!)


If being alone at home with several dozen cookies strikes fear in your heart and your waistband, we have the solution for you.  Have a packing station set up.  This allows our swappers to drop off fresh and delicious baked goods to friends, family or neighbors right away!  Ribbon, bags and tags are all you need.


My Cookie Swap can get pretty competitive!  We like to have ballots available for our guests to vote on their favorites.   You can put them head to head in a best of the best cookie contest! These Free Printables were shown on NBC’s Arizona Midday Segment and will get you set for your swap this year!


Free Printables here!



Other tips to make sure your cookie swap is easy and breezy:

  •  Host at “non- meal” times.  A 2 PM Party is perfect for some light snacks and libations.  It also gives any procrastinators time to bake that morning.
  • Always ask guests to bring an empty container.  This will allow them to fill their empty container with the other cookie varieties.  Less fuss and less mess!
  • We love to keep zip lock bags and Glad Press and Seal wraps available!  You never know who will need an extra bag or to cover their cookies.
  • Never throw a broken cookie away!  Ask your guests to bring any broken pieces to sample for the “best tasting” cookie contest.
  • Provide extra cake plates and other items for your guests to Jazz up their confections!  It is a nice touch and really dresses up any baked good.

I hope that these tips will help you host an Easy and Fun Cookie Swap!

Happy Baking!



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