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Not All Bridesmaids Are Created Equal

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Hollye Schumacher Photography

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It is nearly impossible to find a universally flattering dress, let alone color, for all of your bridesmaids.  There is no rule stating that all of your bridesmaids must be in the same color and same dress so feel free to play around with other styles.

If you have a range of height or size in your bridal party, branch out to more non-traditional options.  Offer 2 or 3 color options of the same dress so that your maids can pick the one that best flatters their skin tone.  It will create some dimension to your bridal party line-up without detracting any attention from the beautiful bride.

Hollye Schumacher Photography

Keri from Twirl Boutique in Scottsdale, which is filled with the most amazing dresses like the ones below, shared a few tips: “Designers like Lynn Lugo and Jenny Yoo are perfect for this.  With Lynn Lugo, bridesmaids can build their own dress by choosing the bodice/skirt combination that’s most flattering on each bridesmaid’s figure.  With Jenny Yoo, bridesmaids can choose from a ‘family’ of dresses in each fabric.  This way, the skirts of the dresses are uniform, while the bodice of the dresses are varied from strapless, v-neck, halter, one shoulder, etc.”

If you are stuck on one color that perfectly represents your wedding vision, offer 2 or 3 styles of the same color dress.  One strapless and one halter option or mix the lengths-you will create a symmetric look while enabling each and every bridesmaid to feel a little more comfortable.

Go to a department store and see if you can get trendy styles for cheaper.  Especially if your bridesmaids are going to be wearing black, department stores are great resources for cute cocktail dresses.  They might not be labeled “Bridesmaid Dresses” but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them for your wedding!

You can’t please everyone so don’t beat yourself up if one of your girls is less than thrilled at your choices.  They are a part of your wedding for a reason and will soon realize that your happiness means more than their wardrobe.

Lynn Lugo

Lynn Lugo

Jenny Yoo

Jenny Yoo

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